Don't live like Caviar on a Hotdog Budget


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 An enlightening journal that  includes 22 habits leading students, parents, couples, and individuals  to a healthier financial path. Are you a high school student in debt?  Have you filed for bankruptcy and can't seem to get back on your feet?  Are you facing foreclosure? Do you buy things just to impress people  that don't know you from Jack Adam? Be honest! (smile) If you answered  yes to any of these questions, this book is for YOU. Get your copy TODAY and begin developing the habits and principles that will help you  enjoy balance in spending and saving. 

Published April 2011
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Join the Truth with Grace 50,000 Readers Challenge©


"Readers make Leaders" is an adage that Dr. Ro agrees with and would expound on that quote by adding that “productive readers make empowered leaders.” Join her in achieving the goal of reaching 50,000 readers. There are a phlethora of topics to choose from: 

1. How to Implement Change with Minimal Resistance - $12.99 each | buy 5 or more books $10 each

2. Don't Live Like Caviar on a HotDog Budget - $12.99 each | buy 5 or more books $10 each

3. 7 Things You Should Know Before They Play the Game- What to Do When Your Child Tells You They're Trangender or Gay - $12.99 each | buy 5 or more books - $10 each

4. Believe in Your Team Before They Believe in Themselves - $12.99 each | buy 5 or more books $10 each

Consider purchasing books for your entire company, team, board, organization, church, or group. 

"Productive Readers make Empowered Leaders" - Dr. Ro


7 Things You Should Know Before They Play The Game© ..


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This is a mother’s perspective – the raw truth that every  parent should know before they allow their children to play  exrta-curricular sports. After my oldest child  made national history for being the first NCAA Division 1 basketball  player to openly declare being transgender, I was in shock and denial. I was approached by many parents seeking advice. Many  shared that their children are gay or transgender and admitted being  perplexed. It took some time for me to process the entire situation.

As a Christian mom, some mistakenly judged that I would  ostracize my child because of our differences in beliefs. Others judged  that I would withdraw love because of the answers given in a televised interview conducted  that centered around acceptance of gender preference. Either notion is far from the truth. I may not agree with my child, but that does not negate the love I will always have for Kye.

This book will give you a birds-eye view of my parental journey and perspective of how it all began. It will also reveal seven pertinent things you should know before your child plays extra-curricular sports. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! AVAILABLE August 25,  2019 (Will also be available on Amazon) 


5 Dynamic Techniques of Effective Marketing©


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This book will explore 5 dynamic marketing techniques to help increase productivity, social media visibility, and profitability. PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! AVAILABLE: August 25, 2019 (Will also be available on Amazon) 


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