Dr. Rolanda is an internationally sought after speaker and consultant for corporate, religious, non-profit, community (including elementary schools/universities/colleges), and youth groups.

Sample Keynote/Seminar/Full Day-Half Day Workshops/ Conference/Retreat/Training Session Topics*

Abuse /Kidnapping

  • No More C.R.A.P. (Children Ripped Apart From Parents) ©
  • Hear the Voice of Abused Children
  • Surviving Kidnapping and Abuse: My Personal Journey
  • Why You Should Get Involved with Child Abuse Prevention


  • Don’t Live Like Caviar on a Hotdog Budget ©
  • 7 Keys to Stay out of Debt before Graduating High School


  • 3 Simple Steps to Reach Proven Success in Sales
  • How to Increase Productivity and Boost Morale amongst the Sales force
  • How to Market Yourself When Unemployed
  • Improving Organizational Leadership and Marketing


  • 5 Dynamic Techniques of an Effective Leader ©
  • Believe in Your Team before they Believe in Themselves ©
  • 5 Dynamic Techniques of a Valuable Manager ©
  • Conflict Management: How to Effectively Resolve Your Differences
  • How to Implement Change with Minimal Resistance


  • So You Want to Run for Public Office: My Personal Journey


  • What to do when you learn Your Child is Gay or Transgender: 7 Critical Steps from a Mother’s Perspective©
  • How to Change Emotional Flat Tires (presented with Dr. Shantay Bolton)
  • Be the Best You Can Be: 5 Steps to Ridding Yourself of Negative Influences
  • Meeting the Challenge of Life as a Single Parent

*Topics may be customized according to the event and matched expertise. Inquire accordingly.
©- denotes copyright

Organizational Change and Behavioral Management
As you may have experienced, change can breed animosity, resistance, and an extended period of chaos, especially in the work environment.  Our clients in the private, public, and social sectors struggle with ensuring that both people and organizational changes are well planned and managed during a variety of situations: new system implementations, outsourcing, mergers, and acquisitions.

We provide customized training designed to equip employees, managers, and executives with successful tools to address organizational change. Our goal is to help equip our clients to strategically address the communications, organizational, transitional, governance and behavioral aspects of change management. In essence bringing the following positive results (to name just a few):

  • Minimal productivity declines
  • Eliminate and avoid unnecessary turnover
  • Foster commitment from the entire workforce
  • Implement an organizational action plan (department based where applicable)
  • Retain valued employees
  • Formulate strategic plans to build a solid and sustainable organization
  • Elimination of adverse customer impact
  • Boost employee morale throughout all phases of implementation

Motivating Employees
One of the key aspects of a successful organization or person is motivation. Many find gaining motivation a daily challenge. Is your organization striving for success but lacking cooperation that encompasses the entire team?  Are you a sales person who finds it challenging to meet your monthly quota? Is your line of work less than desirable? Are you a team player? Are you personally finding it difficult to motivate yourself? Our mission is to help empower our clients with tools for result-driven productivity; equip them with consistent motivational skills; and the ability to make their professional and personal goals become a reality.
We specialize in group training, work conferences, and one-on-one training geared to motivate employees and improve every sphere of their lives.

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