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My joy is derived from spending time humbly serving God, spending time with my husband, children/bonus children, and helping survivors of abuse. The primary mission I have in life is to be a beacon of light to everyone I encounter for God's glory!

Resurrection Day – Forgiven and Loved Unconditionally©

The meaning of Resurrection Day is very humbling, yet refreshing. I’m forever grateful that after laying down His life for mankind, He rose from the dead on the 3rd day and bore the burden of our sins. We are forgiven and loved unconditionally. Last year, my husband and I renewed our wedding vows in Jerusalem […]

Humble Way to Start Anew in 2017 – Happy New Year ©

CHILDHOOD MEMORY One of my favorite childhood toys was an Etch-A-Sketch*. I would turn the knobs for hours and scribble a 5 year old’s masterpiece of art. Even with the benefit of an artistic tool, drawing was not my forte. Envision the joy when all I had to do was shake the Etch-A-Sketch, watch the […]

3 Ways to Break the Chains of Fear ©

We often allow outside influences to shake our internal foundation. This shifty feeling results in being a prisoner of fear. Fear completely immobilizes us. If allowed to fester in ones heart, the results are detrimental. Fear stops us in our tracks. The reality of that business you dreamed of opening quickly diminishes. That book you […]