Humble Way to Start Anew in 2017 – Happy New Year

One of my favorite childhood toys was an Etch-A-Sketch*. I would turn the knobs for hours and scribble a 5 year old’s masterpiece of art. Even with the benefit of an artistic tool, drawing was not my forte. Envision the joy when all I had to do was shake the Etch-A-Sketch, watch the blunders fade away, and start anew. etchasketch No matter how many times I messed up,the opportunity was granted to start anew; and my dad would look at what I attempted to draw with a smile of approval.

The relationship we have with our heavenly Father is similar to my favorite childhood toy. We are destined to experience nuisance and mayhem. Yet, God routinely paves a path to start anew. The mistakes we make can shake the core of our moral, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, or financial foundation. The negative consequences may sprinkle over into the lives of family, friends, co-workers, and basically anyone we encounter. Yet, He still loves us and gives us the opportunity to change our ways. Our errors are miraculously erased in God’s memory. We are forgiven by his love, grace, and mercy. Consider this a blessing to start anew.

As 2017 begins, some have tipped their champagne glasses, smooched at the strike of 12 am, and inked a dozen resolutions. These traditions are lovely. However, let us not forget to kneel in prayer and humbly thank Him for giving us the blessing to receive a gift that we do not deserve: starting anew.

Happy New Year from my family to yours!

Start Anew in 2017

Blessings and agape love, Ro

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*Etch-A-Sketch is a product owned by Spin Master Corp (as of 2/2016). The appearance of the gif and name “Etch-A-Sketch does not constitute the company’s endorsement of this blog.

3 Ways to Break the Chains of Fear

We often allow outside influences to shake our internal foundation. This shifty feeling results in being a prisoner of fear. Fear completely immobilizes us. If allowed to fester in ones heart, the results are detrimental. Fear stops us in our tracks. The reality of that business you dreamed of opening quickly diminishes. That book you wanted to write remains a blank saved document. The trip you wanted to take is just a burning desire in your mind. Do any of the aforementioned scenarios sound familiar?


You’re not alone. When I was 20 years old, I met a woman named Doris who told me that God gave me the gift to write. A voice of doubt crept in my head for quite some time. The voice repeatedly reminded me of how flawed and unqualified I was to share words of wisdom. After wrestling with internal woes and worrying about past mistakes and how others would judge my writing, I began to believe her. However fear set in and I allowed it to hold me hostage. It took 21 years to break the chain of doubt and I finally published my first book in 2011. Here are three ways that you can do the same:

  1. Pray and trust God When fear takes precedent in our lives, we are telling God that we do not trust in his abilities. Pray incessantly and talk to Him just like you would a friend. If you are not comfortable praying, here is a simple prayer to start you out: Precious Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to remove all fear from my heart and mind. Help me to move pass any barriers that come before me with strength and courage. I lack the ability to trust you Lord and I need you to correct my thinking. Please break the chains of fear and help me to cross the finish line of my personal goals that are intended for your glory Lord. Again, I ask this is Jesus’ name, Amen!
  2. Shed the naysayer – As a teenager landing an internship at an accounting firm, my dad gave me two pieces of advice. He said, “Everyone should not be invited in my circle and to keep my mouth shut about personal things (especially at work)”. The same is true for our personal relationships. There are some people who are not qualified to hear about your goals. Everyone is not in your corner and goal snatchers are sometimes waiting to yank your ideas the moment they catch wind of them. If you find that negative comments are the primary feedback of those around you, shed these naysayers and flock to a more positive environment. There do exist friends who speak the truth with love and will share the practical side of decisions you make with grace.
  3. Find an accountability partner (s)- It makes a difference when we wake up knowing that someone else is rooting for us and genuinely concerned about us achieving a goal. Tell a spouse, child, friend, trusted advisor, mentor, parent(s), sibling, and/or someone you trust that you have been allowing fear to erode your thoughts. Choose someone who will actually follow through with reminders and motivation. Ask for their help in holding you accountable each day, week, month. The latter depends on the schedule you have mapped out in writing. Respect their time and keep the check-in session to approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Develop a written or electronic schedule that has a consistent day and time for them to call or email you. Feel free to choose more than one accountability partner.

Each of these steps are critical to help prevent outside influences from shaking our foundation. Don’t remain a prisoner of fear. Take your time in developing these healthy habits. Start out with 15 minutes daily practicing these three steps. Let’s help one another in the journey of breaking the chains of fear by writing down or commenting below: one goal you want to achieve in 30 days and a barrier that is holding you back. At this moment, I humbly ask the Lord in Jesus’ name to enhance your mind, body, and soul for His glory by giving you strength to break the chains of fear !

Blessings and agape love, Ro
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